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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Making Soy Candles- Part Two

The candles are finished and I'm testing one as I write this post...
Making Soy Candles- Part Two.

As I said in Making Soy Candles- Part One, this is a first for me...I'm learning as I go.  What I've learned so far is that candle making (using this method) is fun and easy, but you have to use a LOT of scent. Maybe the stuff from Hobby Lobby in the candle making section is cheap and like most cheap things, you get what you pay for.  When I make the next ones, I will use the good essential oils.  Then I will share those results.  The finished candles are very pretty, so I'm pleased with the way they look in the great recycled containers that I used...I will just say they are "unscented" candles...then I should be totally pleased with the overall project!  Right?  To be honest though, I'm disappointed with the lack of scent.  It seemed like I was using plenty.  I guess you just have to be excessive when adding the scent.   Also, I didn't mention this before, but I am choosing to use no color as I want the finished candles to be white.  I just like the clean look.

Now I will share some of the finished candles...

Or, in a Clear Treat Bag
Tied with Raffia...
With a Little Charm Tied onto the Raffia...
Detail of Lady Bug Charm
With Seasonally Appropriate
Silk Flowers Tied into the Raffia...
With a Bit of" Bling" Tied on...
"Bling" Detail 

This one in the little French Limoges dish requires no wrapping at all.  Anyone would love to receive this beautiful gift straight from your hands, just as it is!

Or, you could add a tag, so that the recipient knows what it is.

China Detail

And this one, in the very vintage heart shaped, tin is one of my favorites!  It has a string through the top of the mold so that it can be hung and enjoyed after the candle is finished.

Of course there are many ways to wrap for gifting.  

Boxes are always a great option and are available online in various different sizes.  One of my favorite sources is Nashville Wraps.  I've ordered from them many times and have always been pleased with products and service.   When you visit their site, it's almost overwhelming.  Just go there...you'll see!

The cellophane bags are available in any crafts store and in most big box stores.  They can also be ordered online.  My favorite online source for bags is ClearBags.  They also offer clear plastic boxes, which would be another great option.   

Whatever you choose. you can then embellish with your choice of ribbons, strings, charms, flowers, or whatever you can think of....  Just have fun!

If you have made soy candles and have any tips to share, please comment and let me know, because as I said, I'm still learning!  Everyone else, I hope you've been inspired to try your hand at soy candle making!  If you do, please share your experience with me.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today!


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  1. Oh pretty! I love all the different containers you used!

    1. Thank you Sharon! Hunting down wonderful containers is part of the fun...now, I can't stop!
      Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll come back soon.