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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Conversation Heart Necklace for Valentine's Day

Today I am sharing something that I did for Valentine's Day a couple of years ago, when I was co-owner of an art gallery...It's so easy and fun, you will want to make a lot, because every little girl (and some big girls!) who sees them will want one!

Conversation Heart Necklace

You will need:                      

Bag or box of Valentine Conversation Hearts
Epoxy Resin- I use the kind used for tabletops - available in Lowe's
No stick work surface -available in Michael's and Hobby Lobby
Drill press, drill, or Dremel tool
Tiny drill bit
Head pins- available in jewelry supply sections Michael's and Hobby Lobby
Jewelry making pliers- round and flat, also available in Michael's or Hobby Lobby
Jewelry wire cutter
Ball chains or ribbons
Sharp knife or Exact knife
Emory board

Just pick through the hearts...some will be broken, message not clear, etc.  Pick out the good ones and lay them out on the waxed paper.  Put the glitter out where it's within reach, as you will want to work quickly once you mix your resin.  Now, follow the directions for mixing a small amount of the epoxy resin.  Just pour it over the hearts until they are covered, pouring sparingly. Sprinkle in glitter, if desired.   Move the hearts around with a toothpick or popsicle stick to a new place on the surface until they stop dripping down the sides.  There will be little "puddles" of resin that will harden along the sides where they are flat on the surface.  That's okay...you can trim them once cured.  When dry, turn over and mix another very small batch to cover the surface of the back.  When hard and dry, turn back over to see if you need to touch up the front. If so, mix more and pour another layer over the top.  When they are dry, use a sharp knife, and trim the back.  Use emery board to file edges smooth.  Drill hole in top.  Stick head pin through so that the head is in the front. Using the round pliers, look the wire up over and around the pin several times to form a loop.  Use the flat pliers to flatten the wrapped part where it ends, so that it doesn't snag clothing.  If you have very rough edges on the headpin, you can put a "dot" of clear nail polish to smooth it.  Now, thread onto your chain or ribbon and it's ready to wear.  The candy heart is now preserved for many years to come.

Have fun and Happy Valentine's Day!


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