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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

That Orange Rug!

Well, I'm at it again...things don't stay the same around my house very long.  I guess I'm restless that way...

This new redecorating venture started when we were getting the house ready for the Christmas Tour of Homes that our local Kiwanis Club does each year.  I had redecorated our bedroom and was tossing things out when my husband caught me rolling up the orange rug to take out...Oh no.  He started asking questions..."How long have we had that rug?"..."There's nothing wrong with it. Tell me again why you need to throw it out."..."Didn't we have it special made at the carpet store?"...Okay, do you get the picture?  I'm sure many other wives out there have had the same conversation with their other half.  They just don't get it. The orange rug was great in our bedroom with citrus colors, but it just doesn't work with the new soft ocean blues and mermaids.  It needs something more natural, like jute. So, to appease hubby, I decided to just switch out the bedroom rug with the jute rug in the living room....for now.  I would figure out the orange rug problem later. 


Note:  I made the orange rug work for Christmas by using oranges as part of my theme!

And, I should mention, I do have lots of color in  my home, so  the  orange isn't  as big a problem as it may seem to some. Being an artist of funky crazy artwork and a collector of other funky  artwork, orange does make a frequent appearance,   I   think  it's   actually nice  to  have   pops of bright, unexpected color in your home.  It makes a space happy!

Now, let me share with you how I decided to deal with the orange rug in a more permanent way in the living room.  I first had to put together a plan using the "givens", or those things that would be too costly to change.  My floors are a brown stained concrete, the walls are a wonderful freshly painted green, and the recently purchased furniture is Flexsteel cognac brown leather. The space is trimmed out in white woodwork.  These things will not change, so they are my "givens".

Sherwin-Williams Hearts of Palm

Kemiko floor stain

Flexsteel sofa

Since my "living room" is actually part of an open concept space, I will carry the entire new color scheme throughout the space that includes kitchen and dining area, and pool table/game area. I will figure out ways to "sprinkle" the colors around so that I have a cohesive,  flowing look. 

Now that I've determined the colors that must be included, I can begin my search for fabrics to pull it all together.  Okay...I'm looking for green, brown, and                                                                               ORANGE...

Shopping...shopping...shopping.  Swatches...more shopping.  Swatches are very important when trying to make these decisions.  Depending on the price per yard of the fabric(s) chosen, this can quickly turn into an investment.  I have a chair to recover and it requires about eight yards, as per my upholsterer...I picked up this antique French chair with ottoman a few months back, and I've been thinking about what I wanted to do with it.  I've decided to recover it while I'm in the redecorating mood.  It will be "my" chair for tv watching.  It's more feminine than anything else that I have in the house, but that's okay.  I will make it work by coordinating the colors and fabrics with the rest of the space.  I have a very eclectic personal style anyway, so it should work...I believe that our homes should be a reflection of who we are.  (I will show pictures of the chair in it's current state and as it's being recovered later.)  I also need yardage for throw pillows, a table runner, and some appliance covers.  That will give me opportunities to scatter the colors into the kitchen and dining area.  

Note:  As you follow along my journey with me, I will show how to make the little appliance covers.

I will probably end up painting my dining chairs and table also.  They are currently black, which was great with my old look...but, things are achanging!  One thing always leads to another, but I love staying busy and making things pretty, so it's all fun to me.

Okay, back to the swatches...These are the ones I've settled on:
Primary print fabric includes my brown, green, orange and some other colors that can now be used!

Small scale print that coordinates nicely...

I've picked this natural colored linen to use for pillow backs, and the back and sides of the French chair and ottoman.  This will help pull the colors back down and ground them so that the pieces are not so "loud".

Okay, to wrap up today, can you now see how the orange rug is going to look like it was purchased for the space?  I will post pictures and instructions as I work on the space...

My husband will be happy!  I've made the orange rug work!

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